Since 2019, Austrian company SONNENTOR sponsor the Irish Austrian Society and their German language essay competition. SONNENTOR was founded in 1988 to market and sell herbs and spices from 100 percent organic farming, sourced from farmers locally as well as globally working according to sustainable farming practices.

SONNENTOR are based in Lower Austria, at the Waldviertel region in the north of Austria. Based in the small rural village of Sprögnitz, the company are one of the major employers in the region with approx 370 staff.

During a recent trip home to Austria, Ulrike and Reinhard (who hails from a village nearby), took the opportunity to visit SONNENTOR at their headquarters in Sprögnitz, where we were welcomed by our lovely SONNENTOR host Frau Petra Haider.

To start, we were given a tour of the place and warehouses where we learned about sustainable farming principles, some of the local farmers working with SONNENTOR, production and the history of the company.

Following a chat over coffee with Frau Haider on the ongoing cooperation between IAS and SONNENTOR we finished the visit with a trip to the visitor centre shop to stock up on some herbs and spices, which also make great gifts for friends.

We found SONNENTOR to be a company that is deeply rooted in the local community as well as highly innovative. SONNENTOR products are available in Ireland in a shop near you. Look out for their products in it’s distinct packing.

Thank you Frau Haider for hosting us at SONNENTOR.

Click here or on picture above for a few more photos from the trip.