Decoration for Paul Dubsky

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On March 6th, the former president of the Irish Austrian Society, Paul Dubsky, received the Decoration of Honour in Gold for services to the Republic of Austria. The decoration was presented to him by the Vice-Chancellor of the Republic of Austria, Dr. Michael Spindelegger (left), together with His Excellency, Ambassador Dr. Thomas Nader (right). Congratulations Paul. For more pictures from the ceremony, click on picture.

March Stammtisch

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The venue for the March Stammtisch was the Dublin Wine Rooms, where Wilhelm Nest of the Austrian Trade Commission invited to a Welcome Drink and Antipasti. There was a great buzz on the night with many of our regulars there plus a good few new faces. Among the guest of the evening were a number of delegates from OEVP, who attended the Elections Congress of the EPP in Dublin #EPPDublin this week.
Click on the picture for more pictures of the event.

AGM 2014. New President elected

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On Tuesday 28 January, we had our Annual General Meeting at St John's House in Dublin. As announced at the previous AGM in 2013, Paul Dubsky did not stand for re-election. As outgoing president, Paul proposed a new committee and Guy Johnston as the new President of the Irish Austrian Society. This proposal was accepted unanimously. Guy, in his acceptance speech as the new President, expressed his thanks and gratitude to Paul for his services to the Society and also outlined his vision for the Society. 

Ulrike Schoeller, VicePresident; Paul Dubsky, outgoing President; Peta Taaffe, Hon.Secretary

AGM 2014

Dr. Otto Glaser, former President

Paul Dubsky, outgoing President

Guy Johnston, new President Irish Austrian Society

2014 German Language Essay Competition is now open

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The Irish Austrian Society are pleased to announce that the 17 german language essay competition is now open. Entries are accepted until 25 March 2014. See here for full details.

Chistmas Dinner 2013

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Photo Gallery
On 10 December, the Royal St. George Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire was once again the venue for our annual Christmas Dinner. 70+ members and guests, among them President Paul Dubsky, Patron HE Dr. Thomas Nader and former President Dr. Otto Glaser, enjoyed a convivial evening. 

Please click on the picture to visit the photo gallery with further photos from the evening.

We wish thank our sponsors, who supported our raffle with generous prices

St. Nikolaus visits children

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During a special reception for our children, hosted by the Society, we also welcomed St. Nikolaus. After reading a christmas story and singing the Nikolaus song together, St Nikolaus spent some time with all the children and presented each of them them with a small gift. We wish to thank the Austrian Ambassador and his wife for offering their home to host the event. For more photos from the event, please visit the photo gallery.

Cathal Tobin-O'Brien describes his visit to Salzburg 2012

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Sumptuous, sun-kissed squares, the striking contrast between new and old. Down every street, the sound of music. The imposing and breathtaking Festung. Sitting by a blue lake at evening time. The people: the smiles. Salzburg has something for each of its visitors, something we quickly realised upon our arrival there.

Read how Cathal Tobin-O'Brien, describes his visit to Salzburg during the summer of 2012. Cathal, from CBS High School Clonmel, was a Winner of the 2012 Essay Competition.

Heuriger 2013

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Heuriger is the name used in Austria for young wine ("this years wine") as well as that for a tavern serving that young wine. This can tavern can either be a Buschenschank, a seasonally limited opening of the producers or a gastronomical place run as a Heuriger. Only its own wine is served, and it serves a limited selection of cold food as an evening meal, generally local, homemade products. Many places still provide a selection of small dishes, for example Liptauer spread, various meat or sausage and Semmel (bread roll) dishes or cheese selections.  The right of the wine maker (Winzer in Austrian) to serve and sell own wine in his own house without license goes back to a privilege granted by Emperor Joseph II from 1784. (Source: Wikipedia)

The spirit of the Heuriger was celebrated by us last Sunday 22 Sep in Monkstown, Dublin. The atmosphere was lively and the wine and homemade food were great as always.

You can view a few more impressions from the afternoon/evening at the picture gallery.


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Last Saturday was our annual BBQ hosted by Peta at her wonderful home and garden. Unlike most years, we had great weather this year and very much enjoyed a relaxed atmostphere, the superb garden and the lovely food. Many Thanks to you Peta for being such a great host.

Garden Party

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On 13 June, H.E. Dr. Thomas Nader, Austrian Ambassador, invited the Members of the Irish Austrian Society to his annual garden party at this Residence. We had a wonderfull sunny evening with many of you there. 

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